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 COA Testing Rubric

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PostSubject: COA Testing Rubric   COA Testing Rubric EmptySun Jul 07, 2013 1:39 am

These Rules are to be followed by BOTH tester and testee during the test when a dorm test is carried out to ensure fair results.

Current Testers:


The test will be divided into two parts. One Match duel and then One Single duel. This will test the testee's reaction to both types of duels.

When testing/getting tested these rules & formats WILL apply in both Match & Single Duels:

Forbidden List: (Recent Ban List MUST be used)
Allowed Cards: TCG/OCG
Time Limit: 180
[Enable Priority] MUST be off
[Don't Check Deck] MUST be off
[Don't Shuuffle Deck] MUST be off

Starting LP: 8000
Starting Cards in Hand: 5
Cards per draw: 1

Banned Decks:

Burn & Stall Decks
Final Countdown
Dino Rabbit
Dark World
Elemental Dragons
Any OTK/FTK Deck

Banned Cards:

Stardust Dragon Assault Mode
Gateway of the Six
Spellbook Of Judgment
Mermail Abyssmegalo
Brotherhood of Fire Fist - Spirit
High Priestess Of Prophecy

Limited Cards:

Fire Formation - Tenki
Judgment Dragon
Lightpulsar Dragon

Semi Limited Cards:

Assault of Fire Kings

You will be scored for the following:

Match Deck Construction: ?/20
Match Performance ?/25
Single Deck Construction ?/20
Single Performance: ?/15


Lost match x-x-x = 0 points
Lost match o-x-x = 4 points
Lost match x-o-x = 7 points
Won match o-x-o = 10 points
Won match x-o-o = 12 points
Won match o-o-x = 15 points

Won Single : 5 Points
Lost Single : 0 Points

Different Decks: ?/5
Overall Attitude: ?/2

Dorm Selection

Slifer Red: 0-70 Points
Ra Yellow: 70-88 Points
Obelisk Blue: 89-98 Points
Horakathy Gold 98+ Points

Note for Testers:

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COA Testing Rubric
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