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 Deck Shop Rules

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PostSubject: Deck Shop Rules   Deck Shop Rules EmptySun Jul 07, 2013 7:35 am

COA Deck Shop Rules

Hey fellow COA members, this section is for the deck shops owned by the forum members. well as all the other section on this forum it have rules :

1) Only Obelisk dormed or higher ranking members can own a deck shop

2) The deck shop must be bought from CMA shop and approved by 1 of the teachers

3) You need to send some examples on some builds when you ask for the shop to either one of the Teachers or one of the Admins

4) Maximum number of decks to start with (to sell) is 10 then you can get 1 more deck for your list by paying 50DP and it will be 5 DP higher when you add 1 more. Eg. I request a deck shop I have sent my decks and it has been approved now I have 10 decks in my shop. Suddenly a customer asks for a deck I do not have on my list now I pay 50 DP and open another slot to add that deck so that I could give a deck to my customer. then 5DP more then the last time for each new deck you add to the list.

5) Any breaking of the rules above or managing deck changes or frauds will be warned by class 3 warnings ( check the forum rules )

6) All decks must be sent to 1 of the teachers before posting them in shop and no changes allowed
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Deck Shop Rules
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