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 COA Rules & General Ideas

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Chaos Overload Academy Rules

1) Introduction and General Ideas

Hey guys and Welcome to COA.
I want to welcome you all and express my wishes to great time here with us in the Academy. The Academy is about Yu-Gi-Oh game and based on YGOPRO & Duelling Network. Below you will find rules and how you can use this academy

2) New Users (Greens)

Well the newly registered members will have to work out their situation before they get the chance to enjoy a complete stay at the forum and I mean the dorm test (explained below). After the dorm test you will be placed in a dorm and by then you will get the full access to the forum. Before this Dorm test that time you will only be able to play at the Duel Arena section and you won't be able to participate in any Events or Shadow Games Arena

3) Dorm Testing

The Dorm Test is a test each one have when he join the forum so he get the full access to the forum and get rewarded the place and rank he/she deserves. Anyway each player can have the test as soon as they arrive at the academy free-of-charge. To get yourself tested tested simply find the tester on the chat box and ask him/her for a test.

More info : -

4) Event Section

In the event sections you will find the battle arena where you post the result for official duels to earn DP, shadow arena where you post the results for official bet duels for faster DP gain and the events where the moderators and admins decide to start events for more fun and more DP gain in the forum. for more info:

5) War Zone Section

War Zone Section is where people build and join teams to start wars. Wars is the most competitive form of dueling in the forum and it will be dedicated to make the rankings.  

6) General Rules
General Rules are the following:

* Signatures: Your signatures must not exceed 300 pixels by 200 pixels

* Behavior: All the players much treat each other with mutual respect. Any disorder or aggressive attitude shown will be answered to with the right way.

* Management: Any reports or ideas can be posted in the suggestion thread in the main lobby or can be PMed to 1 of the mods or admins.

7) Warnings System

Class 1: 1 warning:

Off-topic posting
Advertising without permission
Offensive attitude

Consequence - Verbal warning + Added to your record

Class 2: 2 warnings:
Posting personal information of others without permission
Arguing with COA staff

Consequence - Written Warning

Class 3: 3 warnings:
Hacking or attempting to hack
Multiple accounts
Pornographic continent
Offensive username

Consequences - Double written warning + 20% cut of DP

3 warnings ==> 50% cut of DP
4 warnings ==> 100% cut of DP
5 warnings ==> Permanent ban/IP Ban


Admin - Incarnate

Moderator: Trinity_Blood


Team/War Organzier: -

Event Organizer: -
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COA Rules & General Ideas
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